eNoses monitor LNG training facility Falck

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TweetDuring the grand opening of the new Falck Risc Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) training facility at Maasvlakte-Rotterdam on September 19th, Comon Invent and DCMR demonstrated the Comon Invent eNose technology. Several eNoses were installed onsite to monitor the rise and spread of LNG emissions during the opening event. So far eNoses have shown promising results for early detection of LNG …

Norman HendrikseNoses monitor LNG training facility Falck

NOSE2014 Venice

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TweetOn the 4th International Conference on Environmental Odour Monitoring & Control 14-17 September, VITO(Flemish Institute for Technological Research in Belgium),Tata Steel Mainland Europe IJmuiden and Comon Invent present a paper detailing the results of the research and demonstrate the potential of the online eNose technology in the steel industry comprising numerous diffuse and stack emission sources (12 sept 2014).

Norman HendriksNOSE2014 Venice

Exhaled breath analysis with eNose technology

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TweetAcademic Medical Centre Amsterdam(AMC) present their research results of electronic nose (eNose) integration with spirometry. This newly developed integration of eNose technology with spirometry provides repeatable exhaled breath analysis.

Norman HendriksExhaled breath analysis with eNose technology