Spironose sniffs out lung disease

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TweetIn collaboration with Academic Research Centre Amsterdam (AMC), Comon Invent developed an electronic “nose” that can diagnose lung diseases by the ‘smell’ of a patient’s breath. The SpiroNose uses substances in the breath to make a quick diagnosis. The ultimate goal of the SpiroNose is to be able to recognize diseases faster and in an earlier stage. Many lung diseases are …

Lennart VerhoefSpironose sniffs out lung disease

Annual report 2016 eNose network Port of Amsterdam (GeurInzicht)

Lennart Verhoef News

TweetSince October 1, 2015, the eNose network is operational in the Port of Amsterdam. The eNose network project (GeurInzicht) is an initiative by the Port of Amsterdam in cooperation with EPA North Sea Canal Area and the Province of North-Holland. These parties work together in this project with private companies active in the port and the Fire Department. The project aims …

Lennart VerhoefAnnual report 2016 eNose network Port of Amsterdam (GeurInzicht)