First research results eNose horeca pilot 2014

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TweetDCMR, Knowledge Institute Infomil and Comon Invent carried out a study to research an indicative tool to measure odour nuisance of catering establishments. Currently it is difficult for authorities to act against odour nuisance caused by catering establishments. Supervisors in the Rijnmond region and other parts of the Netherlands experience difficulties with the implementation of Environmental Control Activities.

Lennart VerhoefFirst research results eNose horeca pilot 2014

eNose and Smart entrepreneurship

Lennart Verhoef News

TweetIn times of rapid technological developments, businessmodel’s of tomorrow might look completely different than those of today. Quality, flexibility, efficiency and customisation are the focal points for businesses to stay on top of their game. Please read how Comon Invent operates in the world of online sensor technology.

Lennart VerhoefeNose and Smart entrepreneurship