Port Strategy: Odour management at ports

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TweetOdour management at ports brings a breath of fresh air. There’s nothing quite so evocative as a smell: a freshly printed book; a delicious roast meal with all the trimmings; a bunch of hand-picked flowers. However in certain businesses, odour problems can leave a proverbial bad smell lingering in the air unless solved and ports are no exception. Markus Dalini, …

Lennart VerhoefPort Strategy: Odour management at ports

NENnovation Award 2017

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Tweet During the run-up event to the World Standards Day, Comon Invent won the 3rd prize of the NENnovation Awards 2017. With the application of the eNose technology in the environmental and exploration in the medical domain, the jury praised Comon Invent with for its innovative enhancements in the field of air monitoring. The prize was awarded by Dutch astronaut …

Lennart VerhoefNENnovation Award 2017