Commissioning eNose project Dubai Municipality

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Tweet What a great way to start December 2019! Last week we kicked-off a new project in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Together with our partner Tridel Technologies, Inc. we commissioned a new eNose network for our client Dubai Municipality. After a Websuite, the onlinemonitoring platform, training session the client is now fully equipped to start generating useful insights about changes …

Lennart VerhoefCommissioning eNose project Dubai Municipality

RTLZ How It’s Done

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Tweet Check out our company appearance on the Dutch RTLZ TV show How It’s Done. This gives you a short introduction to the air quality monitoring solution we provide to our customers worldwide. Many of our customers are active in the oil & gas industry. Oil movement can always cause accidental emissions and odour disturbance. Want to be on top …

Lennart VerhoefRTLZ How It’s Done

eNose seminar Ghent, Belgium

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Tweet During the past 10 years, VITO (Belgium Research Institute) and Comon Invent have jointly carried out research into the use of electronic noses (eNoses) for monitoring, among other things, odor and safety-relevant substances in port areas.  Last week, during an afternoon seminar in Ghent, Belgium, informative sessions on the operation and applications possibilities of the eNose was organized by …

Lennart VerhoefeNose seminar Ghent, Belgium

eNoses for a better air quality in the port

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Tweet e-nose-port-of-rotterdam-photo-marc-nolte Together with all the stakeholders in the We-nose project of the Port of Rotterdam we are continuously working on new developments to improve air quality monitoring in the port of Rotterdam area.  Please read the translated article (original was published by the Port of Rotterdam – dutch only) about the current project developments below.  Original article published by: …

Lennart VerhoefeNoses for a better air quality in the port

Annual report eNose network ODNZKG – Port of Amsterdam

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Tweet Odour nuisance is one of the largest sources of nuisance in North Holland. That is why the province of North-Holland (PNH), together with the Port of Amsterdam (HbA), installed eNoses in the Amsterdam port area and along the North Sea Canal in 2015. The aim is to increase the quality of life in the Port area and surroundings with …

Lennart VerhoefAnnual report eNose network ODNZKG – Port of Amsterdam

Kick-off online eNose monitoring network Fujairah Municipality

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TweetWe are glad to announce our contribution to sustainable port development in Fujairah, the United Arab Emirates. Last October 2018, the contract for the realization of an online eNose monitoring network to cover the whole Oil Industrial Zone of the Port of Fujairah was signed by the Fujairah Municipality’s Director-General H.E. Eng. Mohamed Saif al Afkham and Comon Invent’s CEO …

Lennart VerhoefKick-off online eNose monitoring network Fujairah Municipality

Municipality Moerdijk extends eNose project with at least 3 more years

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TweetThe Municipality of Moerdijk wants to continue with the 29 eNoses that have been installed in the vicinity of the Moerdijk Port and industrial area since 2013 for a period of at least 3 years. These so-called “sniffing poles” – eNoses measure relative changes in the air composition and help determine the origin of released substances. The eNose network has …

Lennart VerhoefMunicipality Moerdijk extends eNose project with at least 3 more years