eNose seminar Ghent, Belgium

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Tweet During the past 10 years, VITO (Belgium Research Institute) and Comon Invent have jointly carried out research into the use of electronic noses (eNoses) for monitoring, among other things, odor and safety-relevant substances in port areas.  Last week, during an afternoon seminar in Ghent, Belgium, informative sessions on the operation and applications possibilities of the eNose was organized by …

Lennart VerhoefeNose seminar Ghent, Belgium

eNoses for a better air quality in the port

Lennart Verhoef News

Tweet e-nose-port-of-rotterdam-photo-marc-nolte Together with all the stakeholders in the We-nose project of the Port of Rotterdam we are continuously working on new developments to improve air quality monitoring in the port of Rotterdam area.  Please read the translated article (original was published by the Port of Rotterdam – dutch only) about the current project developments below.  Original article published by: …

Lennart VerhoefeNoses for a better air quality in the port