Annual report 2016 eNose network Port of Amsterdam (GeurInzicht)

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source: port of amsterdam

source: Port of Amsterdam

Since October 1, 2015, the eNose network is operational in the Port of Amsterdam. The eNose network project (GeurInzicht) is an initiative by the Port of Amsterdam in cooperation with EPA North Sea Canal Area and the Province of North-Holland. These parties work together in this project with private companies active in the port and the Fire Department. The project aims to improve the quality of life in and around the port area. In 2016 the project group gained experience with the eNose network. The first annual report has been published by the Port of Amsterdam Authority.

Positive results

This first annual report of the eNose Network provides a lot of information and insights. Also, all partners have learned a lot about the use of the eNose. There is more insight into what kinds of sources emit fragrance and where the possible sources are. It is also concluded, that there are some areas of the network where the density can be improved. Therefore, it is envisioned by the project group to expand the eNose network in 2018. This expansion will mainly focus on the area where the eNoses pick up most abnormal signals of changes in the air composition.

Odour complaints

Out of the 84 odour complaints registered by the EPA in 2016, 12 could be related and objectified by the eNose network. In 2017 it will be investigated to optimize the procedure for handling complaints by the EPA. The complaint registration system is critically reviewed so that it can enable accessibility of information more easily and quickly. This can improve the analysis of odour events in the future.

Real time monitoring

The experience in 2016 teaches that the eNose system can best be used for real time. With applying the realtime qualitative information of the eNose network in combination with hourly quantitative data of other sources, it enables the project group to gain more detailed information of possible odour sources that can quickly be assessed in the field in consultation with all parties.

Sustainable port development

A result that can not be expressed in figures is the good cooperation between the EPA, Municipality, Security Region, ORAM, Port Authority and Companies. It has proved to be very valuable. Regularly there is consultation with all partners about certain odour related cases that are being investigated together. All parties in the project have the same goal: Sustainable port development,  creating a sustainable living environment in and around the port area.

A link to the annual report can be found here (Dutch only)

Lennart VerhoefAnnual report 2016 eNose network Port of Amsterdam (GeurInzicht)