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Odour nuisance is one of the largest sources of nuisance in North Holland. That is why the province of North-Holland (PNH), together with the Port of Amsterdam (HbA), installed eNoses in the Amsterdam port area and along the North Sea Canal in 2015. The aim is to increase the quality of life in the Port area and surroundings with regards to odour. In 2018, the province expanded the eNoses network with 40 eNoses along the North Sea and Amsterdam-Rhine canal. This is to be able to monitor the provincial environmental ban with regard to floating degassing of ships. The eNose network now consists of 84 eNoses. The monitoring is carried out by the North Sea Canal Area Environment Agency (ODNZKG). The annual report eNose network North Sea Canal Area and Amsterdam-Rhine Canal 2018 contains the conclusions about odour monitoring with the eNoses.

The annual report can be accessed through this link (Dutch only). 

Article published by: Omgevingsdienst Noordzeekanaalgebied
Publishing date: 02-05-2019
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Lennart VerhoefAnnual report eNose network ODNZKG – Port of Amsterdam