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The eNose will appear on Dutch TV Doe Maar Duurzaam! on RTL7 on the 10th of April! Below you fill find the press release including the announcement.


“The eNose as helping hand in sustainable direction”

A smart port is a sustainable port and a sustainable port is the foundation for an economy where businesses grow and people in the surrounding area are safe and above all where it is pleasant to live. The eNose can contribute to the sustainability of the world ports. What the eNose is and how it can contribute in the port area, we hear of Simon Bootsma and Bianca Milan of Comon Invent.

Watch Sunday April 10th 12.30 Doe Maar Duurzaam! RTL 7 (Dutch TV)

Everything about the eNose is showed on Sunday, April 10th on the theme-broadcasting about the environment of Doe Maar Duurzaam!; an informative program about various developments and innovations in the sustainability sector. This can range from Energy to Sustainable Entrepreneurship and from Environmental to Construction. Doe Maar Duurzaam shows the overall picture of various sustainability aspects in order to raise awareness of sustainable opportunities in every aspect of daily life.

The replay will be broadcasted on Saturday, April 16th, 2016 at 13:30 hours in Doe Maar Duurzaam! RTL 7


The original press release is published in Dutch. For more information about the TV show please contact: Lisette Stam, lisette@titantelevision.nl, +31 (0)85-4017001

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