eNose at Smart Industry kick-off

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As part of the plenary session of the Smart Industry kick-off seminar, Simon Bootsma (CEO Comon Invent) proudly presented the eNose Technology and its applicability as a tool for odour and safety related gas emission monitoring. The presentation focused especially on the Wenose project in the Port of Rotterdam and Rijnmond area. Here a network of around 100 eNoses provide detailed, real-time insights into the air quality in and around the port area. This network serves as a management information tool for a more pro-active odour control and environmental management. This is an important step forward to improve living conditions, transparency and the relationship with the environment.

This seminar was the nationwide kick-off of Smart Industry. In attendance of nearly 500 entrepreneurs, scientists and interested people, including Minister of Economic Affairs Henk Kamp and Mayor of Rotterdam Ahmed Aboutaleb, the agenda for action was presented.

Smart Industry is a shared initiative by the Dutch Government, FME, Chamber of Commerce and VNO-NCW. The aim is to make the industry more competitive through faster and better utilisation of the opportunities ICT has to offer.

Strengthening the Dutch industry by making maximum use of the latest information and technological developments to produce more efficient, more flexible, better quality and tailor made. That is what Smart Industry is all about.

Smart Industry – “Dutch industry fit for the future”

Plenary presentation

Lennart VerhoefeNose at Smart Industry kick-off