Event: Dutch National Odour Conference March 20th 2018

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On March 20th the Dutch National Odour Conference will be organized by VMM (Network for Environment Professionals). The theme of this years conference is “odour nuisance: national and local”. Odours play an important role in the quality of the living environment. Often in a pleasant way, but also in a less pleasant way. An important effect of undesirable odours is nuisance, for instance annoyance. During the conference the multiple possibilities of reducing nuisance situations will be highlighted.

During a dedicated panel session concerning new technologies to monitor odours, Comon Invent will present a case about eNose monitoring and getting a grip on odour nuisance.  Amongst others, the Port of Rotterdam Authority will also present a case about how eNoses in the We-nose project are applied in the Port of Rotterdam. Moreover, the additional value of applying eNoses in complex odour situations will be highlighted in a separate session.

For a detailed conference program please click here

Lennart VerhoefEvent: Dutch National Odour Conference March 20th 2018