Magazine Europoort Kringen featuring Comon Invent

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In the September 2018 edition of the magazine Europoort Kringen Comon Invent is covered. Simon Bootsma elaborates on how the company found its existence and how it has grown to become a market leader in online air quality monitoring today.

Source: EuropoortKringen_September2018

With a focus on air quality monitoring in an around oil movement operations, Comon Invent has proven to bring additional value in terms of creating awareness in odour nuisance and safety related situations. With over 90 projects in 20 countries worldwide, Comon Invent’s approach to air quality monitoring has landed and is now successfully being applied by oil terminals, refineries, port authorities and environmental protection agencies.

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source: Europoort Kringen, September 2018

Lennart VerhoefMagazine Europoort Kringen featuring Comon Invent