Comon Invent presents at MKO 2017 2nd International Odour Conference

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On April 19th and 20th Comon Invent will attend the international odour conference MKO 2017 in Krakow, Poland and present a research about monitoring agricultural smells with the eNose.

During the event internationally recognized experts in the field will share their knowledge and discuss different approaches towards odour nuisance, odour assessments, measurements and control in a variety of sectors. The MKO 2017 conference is especially interesting for representatives of companies and institutions related to waste water treatment plants, landfill sites, agriculture,  composting & recycling facilities and the gas and oil industry. For a detailed program of the conference click here.

At the conference our colleague Bianca Milan (eNose expert) will showcase a research conducted by Comon Invent about the application of eNoses as a tool to measure odour nuisance caused by pig-farms.

eNose monitoring at pig-farm in The Netherlands

In 2015 two projects were conducted focusing on the odour situation around pig-farms. One of them was a network comprising 5 eNoses around a pig-farm with a history of persistent odour complaints in the nearby community. During four months in the summer period 63 odour perceptions were gathered. This concerns residential complaints and recordings in logbooks. These perceptions are used as reference analyzing the eNose data. The result of this analysis shows that 37% of the references could be positively explained. The alleged source could be ruled out as cause of the nuisance for 30%. 34% of the nuisance could not be substantiated, for example by lack or variable wind. The analysis was not only focused on the impact but also on the emission sources. Two main emission sources are present on the site. The eNose data reveals that one of these two predominantly causes the annoyance.

Lennart VerhoefComon Invent presents at MKO 2017 2nd International Odour Conference