Network of eNoses contribute to quality of life in Port of Amsterdam

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Since last week, Comon Invent has installed 3 dozen eNoses in the Port of Amsterdam around the North Sea-canal, nearby oil terminals and other businesses that could possibly emit odours that lead to nuisance. This odour monitoring network is part of the project “GeurinZicht”.  This project is an initiative by the Port of Amsterdam in cooperation with EPA North Sea Canal Area and the Province of North-Holland. These parties work together in this project with private companies and the Fire Department. The project aims to improve the quality of life in and around the port area.



The EPA and companies in the project all have access to the online dashboard that presents the data which is registered by the eNose network. The eNose network allows all parties to take proper action in case an unusual air composition that is detected by the eNoses. With help of the eNose data the EPA and nearby companies investigate the possible source of the unusual air composition.

A number of private companies in the Port of Amsterdam apply the eNose technology on their own premises to monitor their own operations. This allows them to immediately intervene during accidental odorous and non-odorous emissions that could possibly lead to odour nuisance or gas related safety risks.

In the event of possible incidents, the Fire Department will use the eNose network as an early warning system and to get real-time insights in the rise and spread of gas emissions.

The eNose project in the Port of Amsterdam contributes to the sustainability of the port and helps localize sources of odour nuisance.

For more information on this project please visit the website of the Port of Amsterdam.

Lennart VerhoefNetwork of eNoses contribute to quality of life in Port of Amsterdam