eNose looking for suspicious odours in the Port of Rotterdam

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From Monday November 3rd, two vessels of the Rotterdam Port Authority will be equipped with eNoses in the Botlek and Europoort area. The eNoses are installed on the RPA 2 and RPA 3. The eNose or electronic nose is a compact instrument that detects and monitors qualitative changes in the air composition caused by gasses that can be perceived as annoying, dangerous and unhealthy.

These eNoses are part of the ‘We-nose‘ network, a network of around 100 eNoses in the Rotterdam port area. It is intended to extend this network to 300 eNoses by the year 2016.

The use of electronic noses fits the envisioned sustainable port development strategy by the Rotterdam Port Authority.  With use of eNose information businesses, municipalities and environmental protection agencies are able to respond faster to annoying or dangerous gases that rise and/or spread over the Rijnmond area.

The base of the public-private Wenose network was formed by: The Port of Rotterdam, DCMR, Safety Region Rotterdam-Rijnmond, Province of South Holland, Deltalinqs, Vopak and the Municipalities of Rotterdam and Maassluis.

Lennart VerhoefeNose looking for suspicious odours in the Port of Rotterdam