Stopping Nasty Smells at Rotterdam’s Port

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TweetIn the port of Rotterdam, work takes place to stop the unintentional release of all sorts of substances. Some gases are hazardous or irritating and not all gases are perceptible to human senses. An ‘e-nose’ (electronic nose) can do this and responds to changes in the composition of the air. The Port of Rotterdam has a unique system of e-noses: …

Lennart VerhoefStopping Nasty Smells at Rotterdam’s Port

Doe Maar Duurzaam! eNose in Dutch TV show

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TweetDoe Maar Duurzaam! is a Dutch TV program in which various innovations and developments in the sustainability sector are discussed. In the special broadcast about the environment and the application of such innovations and development, Comon Invent presents the eNose. Watch the episode of Doe Maar Duurzaam! below and see “How the eNose works and what its added value is”

Lennart VerhoefDoe Maar Duurzaam! eNose in Dutch TV show

We-nose network 2015 expansion

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TweetMonday September 21th 2015, the expansion of the We-nose network was launched during an event organized by the Port of Rotterdam Authority. In attendance of Paul Smits, CFO Port of Rotterdam Authority and Ferdinand van den Oever, Managing Director Moerdijk Port Authority, the extended network of eNoses in the Port of Rotterdam as well as the connection with eNose networks …

Lennart VerhoefWe-nose network 2015 expansion

Port of Rotterdam Authority expands number of eNoses in the port of Rotterdam

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TweetPort of Rotterdam Authority is satisfied with the operational WE-nose network in the port area and is expanding the network from 89 to 152 eNoses in 2015. These are the main conclusions that were drawn from the evaluation of the current WE-nose network. Actively involved in the WE-nose network are: Vopak, Abengoa, Municipality of Maassluis, Rotterdam Municipality, Safety Region, Deltalinqs, …

Lennart VerhoefPort of Rotterdam Authority expands number of eNoses in the port of Rotterdam

In Rotterdam everything’s gone green

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Tweet Traditionally Rotterdam is the industrial heart of the Netherlands, but these days the city has branched out into culture, design and tourism. It also focuses on the environment. The city hosted the 2014 Cleantech Summit, focusing on issues including clean industry, energy efficiency, clean energy, water, and air. All the above are present in Rotterdam and project leaders arrive here in droves looking …

Lennart VerhoefIn Rotterdam everything’s gone green

eNose looking for suspicious odours in the Port of Rotterdam

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TweetSource: Havenbedrijf Rotterdam N.V. © (Article is translated into English) From Monday November 3rd, two vessels of the Rotterdam Port Authority will be equipped with eNoses in the Botlek and Europoort area. The eNoses are installed on the RPA 2 and RPA 3. The eNose or electronic nose is a compact instrument that detects and monitors qualitative changes in the …

Lennart VerhoefeNose looking for suspicious odours in the Port of Rotterdam

eNoses sniff away in Rotterdam

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TweetSource: Port of Rotterdam, Change your perspective In the port of Rotterdam, an area where industry and city are fused together, a unique air monitoring system is used to optimize the living and working environment. A network of nearly one hundred electronic noses, planned to be expanded to 300 e-noses by 2016, constantly monitors changes in air composition throughout the …

Lennart VerhoefeNoses sniff away in Rotterdam

Commissioning eNoses in Maassluis

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TweetDuring a festive event on the 25th of February 2014 an eNose network in Maassluis has been commissioned. The official ceremony was performed by Alderman of the Municipality of Maassluis Huub Eitjes and Princess Laurentien.

Lennart VerhoefCommissioning eNoses in Maassluis