TEDx eNose that can sniff out disease – Simon Bootsma

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During TEDx Johannesburg last November 2015 our CEO Simon Bootsma had the privilege to talk about the eNose technology and its applicability in the medical sector.


Our exhaled breath contains more clues about the state of our health than most of us imagine. If there is so much information in the air that we breathe out, how then could we use technology to unlock it? Us humans have developed all sorts of technologies that help to expand our senses. But somehow we have made little progress to expand the sense of smell. Until now, that is.

In this TEDx Talk Simon Bootsma presents a breakthrough electronic nose solution that Comon Invent and its collaborators at AMC are developing to help with the diagnosis of (lung) disease through breath analysis. Their vision is to combine onsite devices with cloud technology to crowd-source a database of olfactory patterns. These patterns then become the basis for a new system of cheap and infinitely more accurate medical diagnoses. Comon Invent wants this system to add to the arsenal of solutions that make it easier for doctors in less privileged parts of the world to combat persistently stubborn illnesses. Tuberculoses in particular, comes to mind.

Simon Bootsma is CEO of Comon Invent, the Dutch company responsible for developing the online electronic nose technology that is now the base of air quality monitoring networks. eNose networks are operational in the ports of Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Sohar, and Durban, amongst others. In a unique collaboration with the Academic Medical Centre of the University of Amsterdam, eNose technology is also being used for the development of electronic noses for medical diagnosis.

Source: TEDxJohannesburg

Lennart VerhoefTEDx eNose that can sniff out disease – Simon Bootsma