Spironose sniffs out lung disease

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TweetIn collaboration with Academic Research Centre Amsterdam (AMC), Comon Invent developed an electronic “nose” that can diagnose lung diseases by the ‘smell’ of a patient’s breath. The SpiroNose uses substances in the breath to make a quick diagnosis. The ultimate goal of the SpiroNose is to be able to recognize diseases faster and in an earlier stage. Many lung diseases are …

Lennart VerhoefSpironose sniffs out lung disease

TEDx eNose that can sniff out disease – Simon Bootsma

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TweetDuring TEDx Johannesburg last November 2015 our CEO Simon Bootsma had the privilege to talk about the eNose technology and its applicability in the medical sector. http://tedxtalks.ted.com/video/An-electric-nose-that-can-sniff;search%3Abootsma Our exhaled breath contains more clues about the state of our health than most of us imagine. If there is so much information in the air that we breathe out, how then could we use …

Lennart VerhoefTEDx eNose that can sniff out disease – Simon Bootsma

Detecting lung diseases with SpiroNose

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TweetBy integrating spirometry with the eNose technology of Comon Invent, a new diagnostic method to detect the difference between the breath of healthy people and the breath of patients with asthma, COPD or lung cancer is available. The SpiroNose method also has the ability to distinguish COPD patients from both asthma and lung cancer patients. The Academic Medical Center (AMC) in Amsterdam leads …

Lennart VerhoefDetecting lung diseases with SpiroNose