Stopping Nasty Smells at Rotterdam’s Port

Lennart Verhoef News

TweetIn the port of Rotterdam, work takes place to stop the unintentional release of all sorts of substances. Some gases are hazardous or irritating and not all gases are perceptible to human senses. An ‘e-nose’ (electronic nose) can do this and responds to changes in the composition of the air. The Port of Rotterdam has a unique system of e-noses: …

Lennart VerhoefStopping Nasty Smells at Rotterdam’s Port

In Rotterdam everything’s gone green

Lennart Verhoef News

Tweet Traditionally Rotterdam is the industrial heart of the Netherlands, but these days the city has branched out into culture, design and tourism. It also focuses on the environment. The city hosted the 2014 Cleantech Summit, focusing on issues including clean industry, energy efficiency, clean energy, water, and air. All the above are present in Rotterdam and project leaders arrive here in droves looking …

Lennart VerhoefIn Rotterdam everything’s gone green