Safety Deal contributes to health and safety situation in South-West Holland

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TweetIn 2015, with funding by the Dutch Government, dozens of eNoses will be installed in and around the South-Holland South region. On behalf of several partners, the Environmental Protection Agency South-Holland South (OZHZ) submitted an application for funding, which was recently approved. OZHZ is a co-operation of 17 municipalities, region South-Holland South and the provincial government of South-Holland. Together they …

Lennart VerhoefSafety Deal contributes to health and safety situation in South-West Holland

eNose and Smart entrepreneurship

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TweetIn times of rapid technological developments, businessmodel’s of tomorrow might look completely different than those of today. Quality, flexibility, efficiency and customisation are the focal points for businesses to stay on top of their game. Please read how Comon Invent operates in the world of online sensor technology.

Lennart VerhoefeNose and Smart entrepreneurship

Noteworthy: Eclipse on March 20, 2015 detected by eNoses

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TweetOn March 20, 2015 a total solar eclipse was visible over the Atlantic, the Faroe Islands, Svalbard and the North Pole. A partial solar eclipse could be witnessed in Europe, northern and eastern Asia and northern and western Africa. A solar eclipse can only happen at new moon, when the moon directly blocks sight of the sun from certain places …

Lennart VerhoefNoteworthy: Eclipse on March 20, 2015 detected by eNoses

eNose looking for suspicious odours in the Port of Rotterdam

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TweetSource: Havenbedrijf Rotterdam N.V. © (Article is translated into English) From Monday November 3rd, two vessels of the Rotterdam Port Authority will be equipped with eNoses in the Botlek and Europoort area. The eNoses are installed on the RPA 2 and RPA 3. The eNose or electronic nose is a compact instrument that detects and monitors qualitative changes in the …

Lennart VerhoefeNose looking for suspicious odours in the Port of Rotterdam

eNoses monitor LNG training facility Falck

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TweetDuring the grand opening of the new Falck Risc Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) training facility at Maasvlakte-Rotterdam on September 19th, Comon Invent and DCMR demonstrated the Comon Invent eNose technology. Several eNoses were installed onsite to monitor the rise and spread of LNG emissions during the opening event. So far eNoses have shown promising results for early detection of LNG …

Norman HendrikseNoses monitor LNG training facility Falck

eNoses sniff away in Rotterdam

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TweetSource: Port of Rotterdam, Change your perspective In the port of Rotterdam, an area where industry and city are fused together, a unique air monitoring system is used to optimize the living and working environment. A network of nearly one hundred electronic noses, planned to be expanded to 300 e-noses by 2016, constantly monitors changes in air composition throughout the …

Lennart VerhoefeNoses sniff away in Rotterdam

Energy Globe Award 2012

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TweetOn September 13, 2012 the winner of the Energy Globe Award will be chosen in Vienna. One of the three nominees of this international environmental award is the innovation of the Dutch company Comon Invent: The eNose. The eNose, short for electronic nose is a small device which continuously sniffs-out the ambient. The eNose is online and its data is …

Norman HendriksEnergy Globe Award 2012