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In the September 2018 edition of the magazine Europoort Kringen Comon Invent is covered. Simon Bootsma elaborates on how the company found its existence and how it has grown to become a market leader in online air quality monitoring today.

Source: EuropoortKringen_September2018

With a focus on air quality monitoring in an around oil movement operations, Comon Invent has proven to bring additional value in terms of creating awareness in odour nuisance and safety related situations. With over 90 projects in 20 countries worldwide, Comon Invent’s approach to air quality monitoring has landed and is now successfully being applied by oil terminals, refineries, port authorities and environmental protection agencies.

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source: Europoort Kringen, September 2018

Lennart VerhoefMagazine Europoort Kringen featuring Comon Invent

Event: Port Congres Rotterdam 2018 April 18th

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Port congres Rotterdam2018

Port congres Rotterdam2018

Comon Invent will be present at the Port Congres Rotterdam 2018 “Havencongres” on April 18th! The theme of the conference covers sustainability and innovation in the port of Rotterdam. At the experience market you will have the opportunity to get acquainted with our eNose solutions and get a live demonstration of the online platform Websuite. Come by at the experience market and experience all the possibilities of online (odour) emissions monitoring we have to offer!

Come check us out at the conference! In the meantime, you can always visit the conference website to get the latest updates. Click here to visit

Comon Invent is a global B2B service provider offering all services to operate wireless eNose networks for the continuous monitoring of ambient air and malodours in the environment. To be able to effectively control unpleasant odours and to identify any release of hazardous substances at an early stage, eNoses continuously monitor the air composition. Real-time information about changes in the air composition is presented via the online platform Comon Websuite. This real-time information is instrumental to terminal & HSE management for operational process monitoring as well as port authorities and governments to create situational awareness and maintain a healthy, safe and attractive port and living environment.

Lennart VerhoefEvent: Port Congres Rotterdam 2018 April 18th

Event: Dutch National Odour Conference March 20th 2018

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On March 20th the Dutch National Odour Conference will be organized by VMM (Network for Environment Professionals). The theme of this years conference is “odour nuisance: national and local”. Odours play an important role in the quality of the living environment. Often in a pleasant way, but also in a less pleasant way. An important effect of undesirable odours is nuisance, for instance annoyance. During the conference the multiple possibilities of reducing nuisance situations will be highlighted.

During a dedicated panel session concerning new technologies to monitor odours, Comon Invent will present a case about eNose monitoring and getting a grip on odour nuisance.  Amongst others, the Port of Rotterdam Authority will also present a case about how eNoses in the We-nose project are applied in the Port of Rotterdam. Moreover, the additional value of applying eNoses in complex odour situations will be highlighted in a separate session.

For a detailed conference program please click here

Lennart VerhoefEvent: Dutch National Odour Conference March 20th 2018

Municipality Moerdijk extends eNose project with at least 3 more years

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Source: Moerdijkse Bode (

The Municipality of Moerdijk wants to continue with the 29 eNoses that have been installed in the vicinity of the Moerdijk Port and industrial area since 2013 for a period of at least 3 years. These so-called “sniffing poles” – eNoses measure relative changes in the air composition and help determine the origin of released substances.

The eNose network has been installed since 2013. It was first initiated by both public and private stakeholders: Municipality of Moerdijk, Province of North-Brabant, Port Authority Moerdijk, Shell and ATM. Later on during the project, Municipality Strijen, Safety Region Central & West Brabant, Attero, CNC and BEWA also joined.

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Lennart VerhoefMunicipality Moerdijk extends eNose project with at least 3 more years

Extra eNoses against odour nuisance

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eNose port of amsterdam

source: Port of Amsterdam

The eNose network in and around the Port of Amsterdam will be expanded in 2018. Together with the Port Authority Amsterdam and the EPA ODNZKG, the province of North-Holland is building an extensive network of eNoses to detect smell. With this eNose network it is possible to pick up on odours at an early stage and trace the sources to ultimately limit odour complaints and improve the quality of life in and around the port area.

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Lennart VerhoefExtra eNoses against odour nuisance

MoU envisions modern technologies, such as the eNose, to raise capacity of Fujairah Municipality Air Quality Control Network

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Fujairah Municipality, Rotterdam sign MoU to promote mutual co-operation in oil sector

FUJAIRAH, 14th November, 2017 (WAM) — The Fujairah Municipality has signed a Memorandum of Understanding, MoU, with the city of Rotterdam in Netherlands, under the framework of promoting mutual co-operation, exchanging knowledge and achieving sustainable industrial development in the oil sector.

[Image credit: Fujairah Municipality Twitter: @Fujmun]

The MoU was signed by Mohamed Saif Al Afkham, Director-General of Fujairah Municipality, and Ahmed Aboutaleb, Mayor of Rotterdam.The MoU stipulates that Rotterdam will assess its industrial facilities that refine and store oil and its derivatives, as well as its facilities that process oil waste products and its metal industry facilities, to comply with the latest technologies and best international practices and reduce the negative impact on the environment.The MoU also aims to raise the capacity of the Fujairah Municipality Air Quality Control Network and introduce modern technologies, which are similar to those that monitor and track operations in Rotterdam (E-Noses). It also aims to establish a local monitoring and control room, and Rotterdam will provide support to the Fujairah Municipality to develop legislation and guidelines for these activities.

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Lennart VerhoefMoU envisions modern technologies, such as the eNose, to raise capacity of Fujairah Municipality Air Quality Control Network

Quick look: 24 hours with the Environmental Complaints Center – EPA OMWB (Omgevingsdienst Midden- en West-Brabant)

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Interested in how the eNose is applied by the Environmental Complaint Center of the OMWB?

Odour nuisance, noise nuisance, incidents at companies, they do not stick to office times but can occur 24/7. Residents who are disturbed or annoyed by these incidents can report this to the environmental complaints center of the OMWB 24 hours a day. One of the instruments that is used in the investigative work of odour complaints is the eNose. With the eNose, employees of the environmental complaints center get additional information in the investigation of the possible sources of odour nuisance.

Source: OMWB

Mobile eNose on roof of car Environmental Complaints Center OMWB. Source: OMWB

The following article gives a good impression of what the work of the environmental complaints center entails and how the eNose is applied in odour complaint assessment.

Please click on the link below to read the full article (Dutch only).

Article: 24 uur met de klachtendienst
Source: OMWB
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Lennart VerhoefQuick look: 24 hours with the Environmental Complaints Center – EPA OMWB (Omgevingsdienst Midden- en West-Brabant)

Port Strategy: Odour management at ports

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Odour management at ports brings a breath of fresh air.

There’s nothing quite so evocative as a smell: a freshly printed book; a delicious roast meal with all the trimmings; a bunch of hand-picked flowers.

However in certain businesses, odour problems can leave a proverbial bad smell lingering in the air unless solved and ports are no exception.

Markus Dalini, technical manager of Ferryl Sales, says that several types of cargo cause bad odours in cargo holds, terminals, containers or storage facilities. “Bad odours can be caused by fish and animal smells, garbage and waste, as well as cigarette smoke and mildew. When bad odours occur, it is important that they are removed.”

However, bad odours can also potentially occur from other sources on board vessels, arising in areas such as sanitary installations, mess-rooms, and kitchens.

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Lennart VerhoefPort Strategy: Odour management at ports

NENnovation Award 2017

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During the run-up event to the World Standards Day, Comon Invent won the 3rd prize of the NENnovation Awards 2017. With the application of the eNose technology in the environmental and exploration in the medical domain, the jury praised Comon Invent with for its innovative enhancements in the field of air monitoring. The prize was awarded by Dutch astronaut André Kuipers.

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Lennart VerhoefNENnovation Award 2017

Stopping Nasty Smells at Rotterdam’s Port

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In the port of Rotterdam, work takes place to stop the unintentional release of all sorts of substances. Some gases are hazardous or irritating and not all gases are perceptible to human senses. An ‘e-nose’ (electronic nose) can do this and responds to changes in the composition of the air. The Port of Rotterdam has a unique system of e-noses: the we-nose network. This allows companies, municipal authorities, and the Environmental Protection Agency to respond faster to emissions of unpleasant or dangerous gases.

There are now 250 electronic noses in the port. The we-nose network makes a significant contribution towards improving the safety, health and appeal of the port area and its environs.

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Lennart VerhoefStopping Nasty Smells at Rotterdam’s Port